Mutual Funds vs. UITFs

Inquirer 1

Which of this two are good for investment Mutual Fund or UITF?


Inquirer 2

okay ba mag invest sa UITF ng BDO?


Guita of Colayco Foundation

BDO is a legal and reputable company. However if you are asking how they compare to other UITFS and MUTUAL FUNDS you can make a comparison for yourself here: &

They are both good instruments which function very similar to one another.

MFs are shares of ownership of a fund (incorporated company).

  • you are a share-holder, have voting rights
  • MF performance is published daily

UITF are shares of participation in a fund owned by a bank.

  • you are a client of the bank and are issued a certificate of participation
  • UITF performance is announced at the discretion of the bank

You can compare their returns via for MFs and for UITFs.


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